Manifesting Your Most Magnificent Life!

Now is the time to make the shifts to create your most magnificent life by joining me for this transformative experience!

During this empowering program you will:


Further develop and trust in your intuition and guidance.


Connect to your Soul so that you can get clarity on your true purpose.


Embrace your unique magnificence and manifest what your heart desires.


Experience shamanic/energy healing tools and techniques.


Shift and heal stuck energy, old familial patterns, soul contracts and limiting beliefs to bring more peace, love and joy into your life!

This program is offered via one-on-one sessions and in a group setting.

For more information on the Manifesting Your Most Magnificent Life programs:


I am excited to be offering the Embrace Your Magnificence weekend retreat which will be coming in spring or fall or 2022. Stay tuned for more details as they unfold.

Wendy’s Manifesting Magnificence Group was exactly what I was searching for. I enjoyed the openness and non judgement environment to explore and be free. Wendy cultivated such a supportive and loving group where we could connect in, no matter where each of us were in our journey. Manifesting Magnificence Group allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and be vulnerable which helped me transcend what has been holding me back for so long. This group was filled with love, joy, kindness, and fierce support of one another that provided a unique experience that I will not forget.

~ Tran

Being new to the process of tapping into my own energy, I was surprised how quickly I was able to connect with my higher self through Wendy’s guidance. The support I received from others in the Manifesting Your Most Magnificent Life group made me feel empowered within a safe space. I was able to let go of past energy blocks and uncover what I truly desire to manifest in my life.

~ Liz

Liz shares more about her experience in the Manifesting Your Most Magnificent Life Program.