To me, meditation is simply taking a few minutes everyday to pause, breathe and connect to your heart. Spending a few minutes turning your focus inward and BEING present to all that is going on within and around you, will have a positive impact on your mind, body and spirit!

Enjoy this complimentary “I Am the Light Meditation.”

Other guided meditations and shamanic journeys will soon be available for purchase.
Stay tuned in 2022!

I wasn’t sure what to expect in your class. I am not quite sure what nature spirits are and wasn’t sure if I could connect with them. During the meditation, I was quite surprised to be greeted by a gnome and a fairy. I had to stay calm and not end it out of hesitancy or questioning it or fear. I told them I don’t really know what or who they are or what to say or do. They said they can help me but it has to be a reciprocal relationship. I felt their sense of urgency for the earth’s health and all the animals she supports. I said I would try. They want me to get someone I know to stop using the weed killer they use as it isn’t just killing weeds but insects also. I said I would and we left it to be continued. It felt like the start of a friendship. They told me where to find them and how. Wow! I was humbled and not sure what the future holds. They didn’t mind that I wasn’t sure if I am up for the task. They just seemed happy to have started a relationship. My sense was that they aren’t getting through to many of us- to their disappointment. That was so profound and beautiful. I had been wanting to connect for years but sometimes the power of a group meditation and the confidence of an inspiring and encouraging teacher is just the catalyst one needs! Thank you so much!

~ Roberta