Manifesting Magnificent Life Program:

Empowered within a safe space

Being new to the process of tapping into my own energy, I was surprised how quickly I was able to connect with my higher self through Wendy’s guidance. The support I received from others in the Manifesting Your Most Magnificent Life group made me feel empowered within a safe space. I was able to let go of past energy blocks and uncover what I truly desire to manifest in my life.

~ Liz

Love, joy, kindness, and fierce support

Wendy’s Manifesting Magnificence Group was exactly what I was searching for. I enjoyed the openness and non judgement environment to explore and be free. Wendy cultivated such a supportive and loving group where we could connect in, no matter where each of us were in our journey. Manifesting Magnificence Group allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and be vulnerable which helped me transcend what has been holding me back for so long. This group was filled with love, joy, kindness, and fierce support of one another that provided a unique experience that I will not forget.

~ Tran

Living a Life in Ceremony Workshop:

Profound and beautiful

I wasn’t sure what to expect in your class. I am not quite sure what nature spirits are and wasn’t sure if I could connect with them. During the meditation, I was quite surprised to be greeted by a gnome and a fairy. I had to stay calm and not end it out of hesitancy or questioning it or fear. I told them I don’t really know what or who they are or what to say or do. They said they can help me but it has to be a reciprocal relationship. I felt their sense of urgency for the earth’s health and all the animals she supports. I said I would try. They want me to get someone I know to stop using the weed killer they use as it isn’t just killing weeds but insects also. I said I would and we left it to be continued. It felt like the start of a friendship. They told me where to find them and how. Wow! I was humbled and not sure what the future holds. They didn’t mind that I wasn’t sure if I am up for the task. They just seemed happy to have started a relationship. My sense was that they aren’t getting through to many of us- to their disappointment. That was so profound and beautiful. I had been wanting to connect for years but sometimes the power of a group meditation and the confidence of an inspiring and encouraging teacher is just the catalyst one needs! Thank you so much!

~ Roberta

Spiritual Intuitive Development Circle:

Viscerally healing

I’m enjoying the process of connecting to energy and healing so very much. I’m blown away by how viscerally healing the communal energy is. I appreciate so much the group’s willingness to offer love, support, and insight. I understand I’m deep in the throes of my own healing, as well as understanding how I’ll be moving into a space of helping others heal, too. It’s a journey, and I’m only just starting to understand it and what my space is in it, but it feels right. I’m very grateful for Monday night Spiritual Intuitive Development Circle. The space is a true gift! I am very, very grateful to you and everyone in the last Intuitive Healing group. It was very helpful and I can feel my energy shifting. I got so much information and wisdom, helpful suggestions that it has helped me process and the pain in my gut is almost completely gone! Everything that was shared helped me tremendously. I have faced the situation I mentioned more clearly, have been clearing it, and speaking more positively. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

~ Lenore

Calm the mind and go within yourself

Wendy’s online Spiritual Intuitive Development Circle is a great way to calm the mind and go within yourself. From the comfort of your own home, you’ll meet others who will join you on guided meditations and thought-sharing exercises. You’ll have the time to share your experiences with others and to listen to what others have to say about their own inner adventures. Wendy will prompt you with gentle questions and offer insightful comments of her own. Or, if you so desire, you may just absorb what is going on around you and keep to yourself. By the end of the session, you will leave with a calmer mind and a more positive view of the world. I recommend the session highly for anyone seeking more inner peace.

~ Dan S.

Love, kindness, compassion and protection

I have been member of Wendy’s Spiritual Intuitive Development class for almost two years. The moment I step into Wendy’s class, I immediately feel love, kindness, compassion and protection. When the class moved online, I was hesitant to join. The class was fantastic! I was completely amazed! Wendy was able to transfer the energy, love and light through Zoom. She made it feel like we were all in the same room together! If you are thinking about taking a class with Wendy but are unsure about remote classes, do not hesitate to join!

~ Tanya

Best first experience

I so enjoyed meeting you and your husband. The group was wonderful. Best first experience I could have asked for! I have been raving about how wonderful my experience was and hopefully will have more friends joining in when I am there next!

~ Bonnie Marie

Healing Sessions:

Positive and calmly energized

Wendy provided me a safe environment to explore new ways of seeing challenges I was facing. Her energy is so warm and inviting. Through her guidance, I was able to see the situation I was dealing with in a totally new light. I felt so positive and calmly energized at the end of our work together. It allowed me to move forward in confidence. Thank you Wendy!

~ Linda R.

Light, welcoming, and nurturing

My healing session with Wendy was transformational. She is a powerful and wise healer who helped me to make necessary shifts for myself, as well as offering me new insights, perspectives, and techniques to add into my life. She presents information in a gentle, clear, and meaningful way which was super helpful in making me feel safe and secure. Her presence is light, welcoming, and nurturing, and I left the session feeling like a new person, clearing out what was no longer serving me and walking away with new tools to help me progress forward!

~ Bella

Deep sense of love and peace

I am thrilled to say that I have never received results like I did with Wendy, in just one session. I was amazed by the powerful connection we had on Zoom. She was able to connect with me on such a level that I felt comfortable and was able to visualize things like I have never been able to in the past. The healing energy was so real that I feel significantly different since I worked with her. I was able to cut cords from things that were holding me back. The anxiety I had has disappeared and has been replaced by a deep sense of love and peace. I feel this session had a huge impact on my. life, I am grateful to have found her.

~ Beth

Heart felt and very helpful

For the past year, I have had the privilege of working with Wendy Carlson. She is a kind and loving Healer and is a pleasure to work with. As a gifted Healer, Wendy has the natural ability to connect in with her clients and the Divine, guiding them to their highest and best potential. Her healings are heart felt and very helpful. I leave her sessions feeling “lighter” and with direction on new ways to help empower my journey and for that, I am eternally grateful.

~ Elizabeth C.

Calms, soothes and heals

Wendy is a gifted Shaman and energy worker. Her in-person work calms, soothes and heals. One of the most impactful gifts she gave me was a journey she took asking my specific question. That journey catalyzed positive change in my life.

~ Kerry

Really comfortable

Loved my first experience with Shamanic Journeying. Wendy was amazing at explaining the whole process and made me feel really comfortable. I was so fortunate to share the experience with other like-minded women who also added to my enjoyment of the whole experience. I will definitely be coming back and will definitely be looking for more meet up groups from Wendy.

~ Stephanie

Meaningful experience

I had a very meaningful experience last week in last Monday’s circle. I have sincere gratitude for your skill and leadership, for the energy of the group, and for each person in it!

~ Ruth-Ellen

Helpful and powerful

Have journeyed before but had my best so far. Wendy is awesome. She created a great space to explore and explained in such a great way. I agree with Stephanie being with like-minded women is terrific. The whole night was very helpful and powerful for me. Can’t wait until next time.

~ Pam D.

I’ve gotten more out of 1 session with Wendy, than a years worth with a psychologist/therapist.

~ Julie


Amazing experience

I was at the Vibrational Attunement workshop a week or so ago. It has been an interesting week since. For one, I felt like I left a 20lb weight behind me. Several people asked me if I changed makeup or what did I do because I just looked lighter and brighter to them! I have had a difficult relationship with my manager for almost a year and after this workshop we have had several pleasant conversations. I want to thank you for an amazing experience!

~ Barbara

Fascinating and reassuring

Thanks again so much. It was an amazing workshop and so wonderful to meet other soulful people that are like-minded. It’s fascinating to hear about everyone’s experiences (including your extraordinary soul journeys) and reassuring to know that we are on this path to Ascension together! What a great group. You and your choice of “vibration-elevating accessories” are amazing!!

~ Susan

Welcoming, insightful and heartwarming

Wendy is so insightful and loving. This is a completely nonjudgmental caring group. I have yet to see one person leave in the end without a smile on their face. They are so welcoming of new faces. Anyone curious of what is beyond your typical 5 senses or just curious of different approaches to spirituality I highly recommend her class. It’s welcoming, insightful and heartwarming!

~ Nicole