Spiritual Intuitive Development Circle

Meeting every Monday night, this is a gentle and supportive group for people who are looking to begin, enhance and trust their ability to tap into their intuition and expand their intuitive and healing abilities.

Join us to explore and expand your innate gifts of receiving and giving intuitive information and of facilitating the energy exchange of Love and Light to each other. Learn how to experience and recognize the information channeled to you from your Higher Self, Guides, Helping Spirits and from Loved Ones. You will have an opportunity to experience and practice scanning the energy field of another and being a conduit of love, light, and healing energy. We will also practice meditation, mantra, chakra clearing, journeying, mediumship, channeling, and more.


This class is offered every week online through Zoom. Please click here to register in advance. About an hour before class you will receive an emailed invitation with the login link and/or phone number. If you register close to class start we will email you the invitation as quickly as possible.

I have been a member of Wendy’s Spiritual Intuitive Development class for almost two years. The moment I step into Wendy’s class, I immediately feel love, kindness, compassion and protection. When the class moved online, I was hesitant to join. The class was fantastic! I was completely amazed! Wendy was able to transfer the energy, love and light through Zoom. She made it feel like we were all in the same room together! If you are thinking about taking a class with Wendy but are unsure about remote classes, do not hesitate to join! ~ Tanya

It was so nice to be part of the group last evening. It felt very safe and my breakout partners were so supportive. I was hesitant to attend and now I can’t wait to go back 🙂 ~ Maura

Living a Life in Ceremony Online Series

I am happy to share The Living a Life in Ceremony course that is a self-paced, video series teaching the various ways you may bring concrete rituals and ceremonies into your life. In each video you will gain insight and learn about practical tools and techniques of honoring, co-creating and manifesting through ritual and ceremony. Whether you engage in a simple daily ritual like “Earthing” or perform a longer Despacho offering ceremony, the magic will unfold as you choose to embrace living a life in ceremony!

This Living a Life in Ceremony course was a live series that was originally offered in 2020/2021 hosted by Circles of Wisdom Metaphysical Store. While the topics were offered monthly from September 2020-July 2021 you will benefit from the teachings and practices at any time of the year. The videos are now arranged in order of the current month and season.

I recommend you begin with The Daily Life in Ceremony class as an introduction and foundation for Living a Life in Ceremony. Each video includes suggested ingredients and step-by-step guidance on performing various rituals and ceremonies, plus a guided meditation and virtual ceremony. You will also receive an emailed copy of the PowerPoint presentation (PDF) with color photos and instructions of each ceremony and ritual for future reference. Purchase one of the session videos or the entire series!

For individual videos that are available, see topics below.

Living a Life in Ceremony Series Topics

Daily Life in Ceremony

Learn the benefits and different ways one might live a life in ceremony. You will learn ways to honor and celebrate life on a regular basis by creating an offering pouch, a quintu and the use of other tools and techniques to bring ceremony into your daily life. Wendy will also lead the group on a virtual shamanic journeying ceremony to create a connection to a place in nature, create an altar and welcome in the helping spirits.

New Year Intentions (Despacho Ceremony)

A new year, A new you! Welcome in 2022 and set intentions for a new way of being! Learn about a despacho ceremony (an offering/prayer bundle) to support your new year intentions. Watch Wendy create one during this session. Enjoy this sacred, joy filled and fun ceremony and feel the powerful energy created by the ingredients, prayers and intentions placed into the despacho.

New Moon Magic: Manifesting What Your Heart Desires

Connect to your heart and the energy of the New Moon to manifest magic in your life. Whether it’s a new/transformed relationship, career, way of thinking, or way of being you are looking to manifest, learn the power of magnetizing your heart and attracting in what you desire! This session, will focus on establishing a magnetic relationship with your heart, the moon and the stars. Using crystals, flowers, rose water and new moon rituals, learn to create magic in your life and co-create with all these, and other loving spirits. You will also experience a guided shamanic journey to the moon and beyond…

Shamanic Journeying & Spring Equinox

Shamanic Journeying allows you to lift the veil between our 3D world and other dimensions. It is a wonderful way to get Divine guidance as well as healing from loving helpers who are waiting and eager to be of assistance. This class is an opportunity to learn or continue your practice of Shamanic Journeying. You will “travel” to meet powers animals and other helpful teachers and guides through the practice of Shamanic Journeying.

Celebrating Earth Day with Ceremony & Healing Energy

In preparation for Earth Day, Wendy shares ways of honoring and facilitating healing for the earth and establishing or enhancing a reciprocal relationship with nature, the elementals, hidden folk and other helping spirits. You will learn about creating an offering pouch, a quintu (prayer/blessing to leave in nature) and other tools and techniques to bring ceremony into Earth Day and your daily life. You will have an opportunity to connect to and co-create with the Earth element to help heal our planet and our own lives. Wendy will also channel a healing meditation, including sending healing energy to each participant as well as Mother Earth.

Celebration and Rites of Passage Through Ceremony (Air Element)

Every day is a day to celebrate! In fact if you Google “May Celebrations 2022” you will find a reason to celebrate EVERY day of the year. May Day, Kentucky Derby, “May the 4thBe With” Cinco De Mayo, Teacher’s Day, National Nurses Day and these are all in the first week! And of course we honor our mom’s on Mother’s Day and those who lost their lives in service on Memorial Day. So many reasons to BE in celebration and ceremony!

Learn about the various ways you may honor and celebrate A DAY, an event and people in your lives though ceremony. In the time of Spring and May flowers you will learn about creating garden boxes to “plant the seeds” of what you want to grow and manifest. Experiences several ways to use flowers as offerings, decorations and in ceremony to bring joy, abundance and blessings into your spaces. Wendy will also lead a guided meditation journey to connect to the Air element to support you in gaining clarity, expressing yourself and bringing more compassion and joy into your relationships and your life!

Summer Solstice Rituals & Ceremony (Fire Element)

In anticipation for the Summer Solstice, Wendy will share various ways to welcome in and honor the change of season from Spring to Summer. Will it be a “lazy days” of summer season? Will you be inspired to BE productive, active and adventurous? Or perhaps both! In this class you will have an opportunity to co-create the summer you desire through ceremony and support from the helping spirits. Wendy will share a few Summer Solstice rituals, including a despacho (prayer/intention bundle), a Sun Wheel mandala of flowers, an outside Summer Altar and a Solstice Bath/Shower to manifest a magical summer!

Wendy will lead a virtual fire ceremony where you will have the opportunity to develop and or enhance a reciprocal relationship with the Fire element. And to transmute and or release what no longer serves you to create more space for what you desire.

Water Rituals for Creating Ease, Flow, Freedom and Peace in your Life

“Mother, mother ocean, I have heard your call….” (lyrics from A Pirate Looks at Forty, Jimmy Buffett)

Are you feeling the call to connect to the ocean, lake or the water this summer? Join Wendy to honoring the water element and all that it provides. When we develop a reciprocal relationship with water, we bring in more ease, flow, freedom and peace into our lives.In this session Wendy will share several rituals and ways of clearing, cleansing and healing with water. You will learn about a daily energetic clearing shower, how to make your own nourishing “holy” healing water, create water balloon blessings and prepare for an ocean/lake bathing ritual. Wendy will also guide you on a journey to spend some time at your favorite body of water to establish or enhance your relationship with these powerful helping spirits. And honor them through a virtual ceremony to co-create what we desire to be and experience in the world and our lives.

Honoring our Ancestors (All Hallows Eve)

In this session, we will be discussing various ways to honor our ancestors and loved ones in spirit. Wendy will guide you in creating an despacho (prayer bundle offering) to give to the earth and our ancestors and to acknowledge their lives and ask for their blessings on All Hallows Eve. You will also have an opportunity for honorable closure for those that came before through a guided journey.


In preparation for Thanksgiving you will learn several ways to honor and celebrate family, tradition and create more to be grateful for in your life. We will create a cornucopia and a gratitude/prayer tree that you might gift or use to adorn your table. Wendy will also guide you on a healing journey to honor feelings that may arise this time of year, as well as acknowledge and hold space for those that may not be with us to celebrate this time of Thanksgiving.

Winter Solstice Rituals

Learn ways to prepare for and ease into the upcoming Winter Solstice which marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year. The end of December is a time of hibernation, reflection and honorable closure as we prepare for the end of 2021. In this Living a Life in Ceremony session, you will learn about a Winter Solstice bath/shower, a daily head blessing and creating a sacred spray to clear your energy, keep your vibration high and BE the light in these darker days. You will also be guided on a shamanic journey to a community Winter Solstice fire, for an honorable closure ceremony to acknowledge, release and transmute whatever you would like to leave behind as we move toward 2022.

Living a Life in Ceremony (Work One-on-One with Wendy)

Shamanic Rituals, Ceremony & Journeying

I am passionate about sharing the different ways one might bring rituals and ceremony into daily living. Using shamanic traditions of establishing a loving, reciprocal relationship with nature, our ancestors and other helping spirits, I teach ways to honor and celebrate life on a regular basis. I love to share how to create offerings (i.e. pouch, quintu or a despacho) and the use of other Shamanic tools and techniques to bring more joy, connection and abundance into life. I lead others on how to travel “beyond the veil” via guided journeys to connect to helping spirits who are waiting to share their guidance, healing and gifts.


Benefits of Living a Life in Ceremony

The greatest benefit of living a life in ceremony is in establishing a supportive, harmonious relationship with Mother Nature, Earth, and it’s inhabitants. As well as creating a deeper connection to our Ancestors, Helping Spirits (the hidden folk) and Guides. Through journeying and ceremony, you experience healing for yourself, your loved ones, the earth and all its inhabitants and create balance, peace and joy in your life and your surroundings.

When practicing rituals and ceremonies you become more grounded, raise your vibration and are more empowered to manifest and co-create what your heart desires. You will find that your life will be more fulfilling and you will appreciate and experience the gifts, inspirations and abundance that begins to show up in your life!

If you would like to learn more about bringing ceremony and rituals into your life, contact me for a 20 minute free consultation.

Guided Meditations

To me, meditation is simply taking a few minutes everyday to pause, breathe and connect to your heart. Spending a few minutes turning your focus inward and BEING present to all that is going on within and around you, will have a positive impact on your mind, body and spirit!

Enjoy this complimentary “I Am the Light Meditation.”

Other guided meditations and shamanic journeys will soon be available for purchase.
Stay tuned in 2022!

I wasn’t sure what to expect in your class. I am not quite sure what nature spirits are and wasn’t sure if I could connect with them. During the meditation, I was quite surprised to be greeted by a gnome and a fairy. I had to stay calm and not end it out of hesitancy or questioning it or fear. I told them I don’t really know what or who they are or what to say or do. They said they can help me but it has to be a reciprocal relationship. I felt their sense of urgency for the earth’s health and all the animals she supports. I said I would try. They want me to get someone I know to stop using the weed killer they use as it isn’t just killing weeds but insects also. I said I would and we left it to be continued. It felt like the start of a friendship. They told me where to find them and how. Wow! I was humbled and not sure what the future holds. They didn’t mind that I wasn’t sure if I am up for the task. They just seemed happy to have started a relationship. My sense was that they aren’t getting through to many of us- to their disappointment. That was so profound and beautiful. I had been wanting to connect for years but sometimes the power of a group meditation and the confidence of an inspiring and encouraging teacher is just the catalyst one needs! Thank you so much!

~ Roberta