Who AM I?

Over the years I’ve been asked that question and my answer was based on how I have defined myself, as a mother, wife, healer, shaman etc. I believed my value was based on these roles and what I was doing for others. Today I know and embrace that my value is based on my BEINGness. What I embody and WHO I am, at my core, is LOVE. I AM a facilitator of love and light in the world. I am honored and grateful to support others in embracing the love and light within each of us and to share our magnificence with the world.

My Journey as a Healer… From Pain to Purpose

My path as a facilitator of healing, began through the pain and frustration of an undiagnosable condition. After having my second child (20 years ago), I left the corporate world to be a stay-at-home mom. It was during this time that my body began aching. I had muscle and joint pain that could not be explained. The chronic pain was debilitating and not having answers from the traditional medical community made it worse. I began seeing a Holistic Practitioner out of a combination of frustration and fear of potential side effects of the medications I was being prescribed. That decision set me on a path of healing and self discovery. I became educated on alternative therapies and learned to trust my instincts and listen to my body.

By working with therapists and other alternative healers, I discovered that the pain was due to “stuck” energy in my body from unprocessed feelings and emotions through the years. I embarked on an internal journey to begin acknowledging those feelings and releasing the suppressed energy. I immersed myself in many classes, workshops and certification programs. Each experience helped me heal my physical body and my life.

Every life lesson, ache and pain, struggle and challenge has been an opportunity for me to learn about myself, my beliefs, my life experiences and how they manifest in my body. I know now that there is a mind, body and spirit connection and that it is important to heal at all three levels.

I changed my relationship with pain and embrace now that it’s a guide, an opportunity to Pay Attention Inward Now (PAIN) and ask for what I need. As I continue to embrace a relationship with my pain and my body’s wisdom, I become more authentically who I am meant to be in the world. My soul purpose has propelled me down the path to becoming an energy healer, coach and educator so that I now support others to listen to and heal their body, mind and spirit.

What I Believe and Know

I believe in a power greater than myself (Source, Spirit, Universal Life Force Energy, Nature) and that I am part of that source. It is within me. The greatest thing I have learned is that I no longer need to (or want to) rely only on other people’s opinion or advice. Or to value an external source more than my internal connection and intuition. What a gift it is, to know that, and to live a life from that place of knowing and connectedness!

Since everything is energy, I believe I can positively affect all things by sending love and light to them. A mantra I say is “I am love and light and healing energy”. I send peace, loving kindness and gratitude to all beings. I treat all my relationships as sacred including the ones with strangers, animals and nature.

Knowing that I am divinely connected and guided, and the fact that I am living a soul led life, has greatly improved the overall quality of my life. I have also noticed a positive shift in the lives of my loved ones as well. As I move forward as an evolving spiritual being, I know that I will continue to practice and learn more tools to support me, as well as to help others continue along their spiritual healing paths.

How I Live my Life on Purpose

My husband Peter and I used to worry about our finances, as our income had been sporadic due to Peter’s compensation heavily based on commission and I being self employed. Once I embraced my purpose as a healer and teacher and started communing and co-creating with my Soul and the universe, our finances shifted. We no longer focus on the outcome and simply trust that all will be provided. And so far it has. As I continue to pursue my soul’s purpose of being in service to others, I know that all my financial needs will be taken care of for me.

I have experienced the power of forgiveness. Forgiveness has healed and shifted my relationships, especially the one with myself. I also live my life from a place of gratitude. I am grateful for all the challenges, opportunities and lessons I have learned. I send gratitude for all that I have and for the blessing that will come into my life each day.

What gives me joy, is connecting with family and friends; simply just spending time with them. I get great pleasure and comfort from my daily spiritual practice that includes movement, meditation, affirmations and connecting to my Soul/Spirit. This practice has positively impacted all aspects of my life. I am now passionate about wanting to encourage and teach others to develop a daily practice of their own.

Sharing My Journey to Support Others

After 20 years of learning, experiencing and sharing about my healing journey, I am committed to guiding others on the benefits of tuning in and listening to your body, inner wisdom and trusting in the guidance that is available within and around you. I encourage everyone to develop a daily spiritual practice that includes grounding (earthing), clearing your energy and raising your vibration to attract what it is you desire.

I support others in releasing blocked energy, to heal old familial patterns and limiting beliefs to reap the benefits of mental clarity, emotional balance, physical health and honing their intuition and spiritual connection. I am passionate about sharing the multitude of simple ways you can bring harmony to your body, mind and spirit. And manifest the most magnificent life you deserve by bringing more peace, love, joy and abundance into your life!