One-on-One Mentoring and Intuitive Shamanic Healing

What is a session with Wendy like?

It Begins With A Conversation And An Intention.

In the beginning of a session, I’ll support you, the client, in getting clear on your intention. As we are chatting, I connect into your energy, and my guides and your guides begin to come in as well to support.

You may come with a specific intention, like wanting to open up to expand and trust your intuition. Or you may have anxiety, pain or a physical sensation in your body, that you are looking to heal or lessen. You may have energetic blocks (limiting beliefs keeping you stuck in unsupportive patterns) that are preventing you from manifesting what you desire. You may be connected to relationships, family lineage or soul contracts that are holding you back from a happy, joy filled life. These are the kinds of things that we start to unearth in the initial conversation.


Connect To The Body’s Energy And Intuitive Wisdom

Once we have an intention, I will lead you on a guided meditation connecting us to the energy of your body, intuitive wisdom, soul and guides to support in the session.

We begin by asking what support your body needs, or wants you know about any physical discomfort, unease or blocked energy. Does it need to be spoken to? Does it need to be shifted and removed? Does it need to be released? I’ll always ask what you are you hearing? Feeling? Seeing? Or sensing? I will encourage you to tune in to your inner wisdom and then I’ll piggyback in and offer what intuitive guidance I’m getting.

Energy Clearing & Healing

From the intuitive wisdom, we get clarity for what is ready and up for clearing and healing, and we’ll focus the rest of the session on that guidance. It will usually be something that will first be acknowledged, and then cleared, released or transmuted into a more supportive energy or way of being.

By the end of the session, my intention is always that you will have more clarity, feel more grounded, and BE empowered and inspired to move forward based on whatever it is that was released and received during the session.

Post Session Integration

I always offer several ways to support the client to continue to integrate the work beyond the session. Perhaps a daily grounding exercise, an affirmation or mantra, or a new way of thinking and BEING.

To hear Wendy describe a session, watch the video below.

Manifesting Your Most Magnificent Life One-on-One Program

Now is the time to make the shifts to create your most magnificent life by joining me for this transformative experience!

During this empowering program you will:


Further develop and trust in your intuition and guidance.


Connect to your Soul so that you can get clarity on your true purpose.


Embrace your unique magnificence and manifest what your heart desires.


Experience shamanic/energy healing tools and techniques.


Shift and heal stuck energy, old familial patterns, soul contracts and limiting beliefs to bring more peace, love and joy into your life!

Wendy provided me a safe environment to explore new ways of seeing challenges I was facing. Her energy is so warm and inviting. Through her guidance, I was able to see the situation I was dealing with in a totally new light. I felt so positive and calmly energized at the end of our work together. It allowed me to move forward in confidence. Thank you Wendy!

~ Linda R.