What is a private session with Wendy like?

It Begins With A Conversation and An Intention

In the beginning of a session, I’ll support you in getting clear on intention. As we are chatting, I connect into your energy, and my guides and your guides begin to come in as well to support.

You may come with a specific intention, like wanting to open up to expand and trust your intuition. Or you may have anxiety, pain or a physical sensation in your body, that you are looking to heal or lessen. You may have energetic blocks (limiting beliefs keeping you stuck in unsupportive patterns) that are preventing you from manifesting what you desire. You may be connected to relationships, family lineage or soul contracts that are holding you back from a happy, joy filled life. These are the kinds of things that we start to unearth in the initial conversation.

Connect To The Body’s Energy And Intuitive Wisdom

Once we have an intention, I will lead you on a guided meditation connecting us to the energy of your body, intuitive wisdom, soul and guides to support in the session.

We begin by asking what support your body needs, or wants you know about any physical discomfort, unease or blocked energy. Does it need to be spoken to? Does it need to be shifted and removed? Does it need to be released? I’ll always ask what you are you hearing? Feeling? Seeing? Or sensing? I will encourage you to tune in to your inner wisdom and then I’ll piggyback in and offer what intuitive guidance I’m getting.

Energy Clearing & Healing

From the intuitive wisdom, we get clarity for what is ready and up for clearing and healing, and we’ll focus the rest of the session on that guidance. It will usually be something that will first be acknowledged, and then cleared, released or transmuted into a more supportive energy or way of being.

By the end of the session, my intention is always that you will have more clarity, feel more grounded, and BE empowered and inspired to move forward based on whatever it is that was released and received during the session.

Post Session Integration

I always offer several ways to support the client to continue to integrate the work beyond the session. Perhaps a daily grounding exercise, an affirmation or mantra, or a new way of thinking and BEING.

What is a shaman?
The definition of a shaman is one (most often a healer or “medicine” person) who connects in both worlds via a ritual, journey or meditative state to receive wisdom and healing. Shamans are grounded here in this earth dimension, with the ability to tap in and connect to the guidance that’s available “beyond the veil” into other realms. Shamans act as a facilitator, or a bridge, to communicate with ancestors, animals, the earth and the elements to get wisdom, guidance, and healing, to support themselves, their family, and others as well as their community and the world. That is a shaman’s primary role.

One becomes a shaman in one of three ways, it’s either handed down in the family as part of ceremonial rituals, teachings and traditions, one is “chosen” by being struck by lightning, or participating in a mentorship program where a shamanic practitioner passes down the teachings and their lineage. I took the third path.

The traditional shamanic path is about walking the wounded path and being the wounded healer with focuses on the “wounds”, past traumas and parts of yourself that you gave up or lost that are meant to be acknowledged and healed. Through my mentorship with my shamanic teacher and her guides, I have been taught easier, more “graceful” ways to heal, shift energy and transform one’s life. The piece about shamanism that really resonates with me, and continues to be part of my joy and practice, is the rituals and the ceremonies. Everyday, I embrace living through ritual and ceremony and live and love my life as a modern day healer and shaman.

How did I become a Shaman?
A great question I get asked is, “How did I get into shamanism, and do I teach it, and how does one learn more?” For me, my shamanic path was an AWAKENING to the fact that I am, and always have been, a healer.

My path as a healer began by getting a Reiki certification in 2003, and then in 2012, I became a Reiki Master. I was about to start launching my business as a Reiki Master, and the universe sent an email to me through my uncle where the title said, “Do you want to be a healed, healer?” And at the time, I was experiencing a lot of pain in my body, so yes, “I wanted to be a healed, healer!” It was a two-year program. The first year was to become an energy healer using crystals, connecting to and communicating to guides, and clearing and healing the chakras. And then the second year was to learn to heal old wounds and become certified in shamanism. I was not familiar with shamanism, and questioned whether I would even continue the second year of the program and yet I trusted that this was my next best step in my healing journey.

As part of the program it was recommended I spend time in intuitive development classes and groups to further open up my connection to guidance and learn to trust my intuition. During one intuitive circle, while in meditation, I had a remembrance, a vision of me being at a fire ceremony as an indiginous healer. When I asked “was this me in a past lifetime?”, I immediately knew that I was. I was then shown through past life regression meditations many times where I’ve been a medicine person and a healer. And in one meditation I heard, “You’re a shaman.” And in that moment I knew that I was destined to be a shamans and now on the path to learn how to be that in this lifetime! I have studied with, and continue to learn, from several Shaman’s here in the United States as well as in Peru.

What are the benefits of being in a group program?

I often get asked what it’s like to work in a group with other people, like the group classes that I offer, Spiritual Intuitive Development or Manifesting Your Most Magnificent Life, and how might that be supportive to an individual.

One thing I have experienced and have heard from other participants, is there’s magic and power in the energy of groups coming together. First of all, I always set a sacred space, not only prior to the group’s joining, but also together, with the group. So when people come in and bring in their intentions, and we call on the helping spirits, we create a sacred and safe space where guidance and wisdom comes through that is supportive and healing, not only for one person in the group, but for all the people in the group.

It’s also an opportunity for people to experience feeling supported and safe in a group dynamic where they may have not have experienced that before. I find that certain people come in reluctantly. They may feel that they’re shy or nervous. And due to the sacred space that I create or provide, they find that they’re actually able to, not only open up to speak and share. They also open their heart to receive the healing in a way that maybe they haven’t been open to receiving before. And by simply saying yes to show up in the group, their intuitive gifts begin to awaken and develop more and more.

Other benefits of being in a group is meeting and learning with other like minded people. And the trust and friendships that develop. A lot of times my groups will refer to the other participants as their “tribe” or even family. It’s a wonderful way to expand your connections with other people, with people that maybe “get you”. Perhaps you’re even being called to the group to be reconnected with your soul family!

I know for me, I always love being in groups because I feel I get a benefit that’s way beyond just me working one-on-one in the energy or with my guides.

I encourage you to come and try one of the group classes and if you have any hesitance, or want to know more, I’m happy to talk to you one-on-one, or even refer you to a few of the people that I know continue to get benefits from being in the group.

It was so nice to be part of the group last evening. It felt very safe and my breakout partners were so supportive. I was hesitant to attend and now I can’t wait to go back 🙂 ~ Maura