What is honorable closure?

Honorable closure is a process that you can use to shift out of unsupportive situations, ways of being, and to clear energy or “cut” energetic cords from people, places and things. It is a way to set healthy boundaries and create some space in your life for new things to come in, while also appreciating the lessons, gifts, challenges, and opportunities that you may have experienced. Honorable closure opens up the possibilities of what’s next. As one door closes, another door opens. When you’ve had some closure in a way that is honoring to yourself and others, it allows you the clarity and freedom to ask for what it is that you desire to create in your life.

Whether it’s ending or redefining a relationship, grieving a loved one, moving on from a job or a home, ending a day of work, or transitioning to a new season or year, honorable closure provides a process to get closure in a way that’s honoring not only to you, but to the other person, situation, place or event. With a new appreciation and gratitude for the past, you are liberated to move into a new situation with a fresh perspective. You will experience a more expansive energy that supports you in seeing all the possibilities that are available to you.

I guide and walk others through the honorable closure process as a healing meditation and gratitude exercise to become more grounded, clear and empowered to move towards the desired vision of where they are going next. Many of my clients really appreciate the honorable closure method and use it as a regular practice in their lives.

If you are interested in knowing more about honorable closure, click on the link below and set up a free 20-minute consultation. I look forward to supporting you in any way and providing an opportunity for you to have some honorable closure.