Benefits of Being in a Group Program

I often get asked what it’s like to work in a group with other people, like the group classes that I offer, Spiritual Intuitive Development or Manifesting Your Most Magnificent Life, and how might that be supportive to an individual.

One thing I have experienced and have heard from other participants, is there’s magic and power in the energy of groups coming together. First of all, I always set a sacred space, not only prior to the group’s joining, but also together, with the group. So when people come in and bring in their intentions, and we call on the helping spirits, we create a sacred and safe space where guidance and wisdom comes through that is supportive and healing, not only for one person in the group, but for all the people in the group.

It’s also an opportunity for people to experience feeling supported and safe in a group dynamic where they may have not have experienced that before. I find that certain people come in reluctantly. They may feel that they’re shy or nervous. And due to the sacred space that I create or provide, they find that they’re actually able to, not only open up to speak and share. They also open their heart to receive the healing in a way that maybe they haven’t been open to receiving before. And by simply saying yes to show up in the group, their intuitive gifts begin to awaken and develop more and more.

Other benefits of being in a group is meeting and learning with other like minded people. And the trust and friendships that develop. A lot of times my groups will refer to the other participants as their “tribe” or even family. It’s a wonderful way to expand your connections with other people, with people that maybe “get you”. Perhaps you’re even being called to the group to be reconnected with your soul family!

I know for me, I always love being in groups because I feel I get a benefit that’s way beyond just me working one-on-one in the energy or with my guides.

I encourage you to come and try one of the group classes and if you have any hesitance, or want to know more, I’m happy to talk to you one-on-one, or even refer you to a few of the people that I know continue to get benefits from being in the group.